Arturia Minibrute Analog Synthesizer

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The affordable Arturia MiniBrute Full-Blast Analog Synthesizer is a monophonic synthesizer designed to take you back to the basics of analog synthesis. Its classic 100% analog audio signal path features a voltage controlled oscillator wave mixer.

With its user-friendly control interface, classic aesthetic and potential for endless exploration and tonal tinkering, the MiniBrute definitely encourages creativity. In minutes, you'll be generating your very own tones and sounds. Plus, for added flexibility, the synthesizer is equipped with complete MIDI, CV and USB In/Out connectivity. There's even a 1/4" headphone jack for privacy and a 1/4" audio output for sending the signal to an amplifier or PA system.

To generate such unique sounds, the MiniBrute uses more than just standard oscillators and envelopes. It supports multiple modes of arpeggiation, octave range control, time divisions, swing and tempo. Plus, Arturia outfitted the MiniBrute with a few truly unique and exclusive components. Brute Factor saturates the signal with rich harmonics and Ultrasaw generates shimmering sawtooth waveforms. Plus, Metalizer creates extreme triangle harmonics.

Although innovative on the inside, the MiniBrute still evokes that old-school, hands-on synthesizer experience. It still features a 100% analog audio signal path, durable controller knobs, classic faders, a pitch wheel, a modulation wheel and a compact keyboard. The MiniBrute feels like a vintage synthesizer, but its components shape tones and sound in original, innovative ways. This amalgamation of tonal flexibility, vintage appeal, innovative components and simple operation is what makes the MiniBrute suited for both computer MIDI work and classic analog synthesizer use.


Voltage Controlled Oscillator Wave Mixer
Features 100% Analog Audio Signal Path
Classic Steiner-Parker Multimode Filter
Brute Factor, Metalizer & Ultrasaw Tools
MIDI, CV & USB Input/Output Connectivity
LFO1 with Six Waveforms
LFO2 with Three Vibrato Modes
Full Arpeggiator & Octave Selector
Dual ADSR Envelope Generators
Semi-Weighted 25-Note Keyboard

What's in the box?

Preset Sheets
Power Supply

Type Analog
Polyphony Monophonic
Features Sequencer, CV/gate, Oscillator
Outer Dimensions (cm) 39 x 32.5 x 7 cm
Weight 4 kg