Antelope Discrete 4 Basic

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The Antelope Audio Discrete 4 Basic is a microphone preamp interface consisting of 4 console-grade 6-transistor discrete preamps, a range of inputs and outputs, super accurate clocking, and Antelope Audio's real-time FPGA FX. Discrete 4 Basic comes with the basic FX pack, allowing you to delve into the world of authentic vintage effect modelling, and explore over 50+ of Antelope Audio's real-time FPGA FX. Discrete 4 features a compact design, allowing it to be easily transported to and from studios. Including a selection of classic vintage gear, as well as Accusonic 3D microphone modeling software, Discrete 4 allows you to produce professional quality audio, recording, and processing. Complete with superb audio quality, and FPGA FX, the Discrete 4 is ideal for both the home studio, and professional studio, and always delivers top quality results.

Windows Thunderbolt™ Driver
Thunderbolt connectivity is renowned for its low-latency and stability. Thunderbolt connectivity is normally reserved for Mac-based computers, but the new Windows Thunderbolt driver changes that. You can now utilise Thunderbolt’s increased bandwidth and I/O capabilities with a range of Antelope Audio products. This opens up a new world of connectivity for Windows users, providing fast and stable connectivity.

Basic FX Pack
Discrete 4 Basic includes the basic FX pack allowing you to use 2 channel strips with 2 FX instances each. Enter the world of authentic vintage effect modelling and explore the sound of iconic and expensive FX units. The pack features 50+ Antelope Audio FPGA FX, which are authentic digital re-creations of classic hardware processors. The included effects and processors can be used in your preferred DAW using the AFX2DAW plug-in, allowing you to control many of these classic, high quality processors, right inside your favourite DAW. FPGA FX models iconic gear from BAE, Lang, Gyraf Audio, and FET, giving you a vast amount of processing software. Discrete 4's effects deliver exceptional quality and accurate emulations of the vintage processors. The basic FX library includes over 50 of Antelope Audio's real-time FPGA FX including compressors, reverbs, EQs, and much more. Antelope Audio are constantly working to provide you with new and free vintage processors in the future.

Accusonic 3D Modelling
The Antelope Audio Discrete 4 features 4 console-grade preamps that feature a fully discrete design. Discrete 4 features the Accusonic 3D modeling engine that allows you to replicate the sound of many classic microphones. You can choose whether to record with or without it, adjust proximity effect, off-axis response, and polar patterns, all before and after recording. Choose between difference mic and preamp models whilst mixing, to get the sound you want.

Rock Solid Clocking
Discrete 4 features Antelope's 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking. Included is a world clock input so you can de-jitter and distribute an external clock signal. The 3 WC outputs allows you to distribute your signal to your other digital gear and mic preamps, whilst keeping all your equipment fully synced together.

Versatile Monitor Mixing
Antelope Audio Discrete 4 allows you to monitor up to 4 individual monitor mixes. The Discrete 4 features a comprehensive monitoring section with built-in talkback. Discrete 4 allows you to send 4 individual monitor mixes to headphones or monitor output, with or without FPGA FX. This allows you to tailor monitor mixes to each performer. Use the handy levels on the front panel of the Discrete 4 to always keep track of your levels.

Advanced Remote Control
Unlike other preamps, Discrete 4 allows for easy remote control with its downloadable remote app. The app allows you to take control of microphone input levels, talkback levels, and monitoring and headphone loudness levels. Additionally, musicians can also take control of their own monitor mixes (if they have the app), allowing them to have exactly what they want in their headphones, and provide you with a more efficient recording session.

  • 4 console-grade discrete mic preamps with precise gain controls
  • Mic preamp modelling with Accusonic 3D modelling
  • Thunderbolt/USB connectivity
  • Real-time FPGA FX including BAE, Grove Hill, Gyra Audio, and Lang Classics in Easy Panel or DAW
  • Rock-solid clocking
  • Range of versatile inputs and outputs
  • Features Antelope's 4th generation 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) technology
  • Create up to 4 individual custom monitor mixes with or without FPGA FX
  • Control all Discrete 4 features via Easy Panel, or free download iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Precise and recallable stepped gain control
  • Dedicated knobs for each mic pres
  • New ConnectAFX plug-in for accessing the FPGA FX in your DAW
  • 4 analog ins on combo XLR (2 mic/line, 2 Hi-Z/mic/line)
  • 2 world clock outputs
  • Additional digital connectivity via S/PDIF and 2 ADAT's
  • Talkback mic & button on front panel
  • Create and share custom presets
  • Remote control via Mac/PC/iOS/Android apps
Inputs 14
Outputs 20
Connection USB, Thunderbolt