Allen & Heath Xone:92 DJ Mixer

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The XoneE:92 represents the culmination of everything Allen & Heath learned from the DJ market. The Xone:92 is the result of something Allen & Heath has done since Day One - listening to DJ's.

It's a versatile mixer that promises to fulfill every wish list, with features to suit all styles from breakbeat to techno, trance to house. From the exciting new MIDI output capability, which allows control over external devices such as Ableton Live audio sequencing software or the Korg Kaoss Pad, to the innovative way the two independent VCF filters can be used together, this mixer is a DJ's dream tool. Of course, the XONE:92 is built with the superb sound and build quality for which the Allen & Heath XONEs are famed.

2 stereo VCF filters with independent in/out, frequency and resonance controls
4 band EQ, infinite kill on HF and LF; wide Q for cut, narrow Q for boost.
Booth output, dedicated output on TRS jack
MIDI values can be output from six mixer controls
Penny & Giles professional VCA crossfader
Two independent LFO’s manipulate the VCF’s
Custom illumination, lightpipes show status of performance controls
Cue system, intelligent system for pre or post EQ monitoring
Monitor section includes post EQ switch; split cue and mix to cue balance
Headphone output, 2 x headphone outputs 1/4” and 3.5mm jack
Ducking facility on mono/mic channel ducks music by 20dB
Mounting plinth or 19” rack mount ears included

Product instruction

Mixer Channels 4
Built In FX No
FX Sends/Return Yes
Outer Dimensions 35.8 x 32 x 8.76 cm
Weight 6 kg