Akai MPK

Majorly updated in 2014, Akai's MPK series is a family of all-rounder MIDI controllers, who strike at perfect spot of flexibility without becoming too complicated. Large panel, spaced controls: convenience that is intertwined with fun, for example, a combination of arpeggiator and Note Repeat. Add the quality keyboard to the mix, sliders and assignable knobs, and you have all the tools you need to express yourself creatively in the digital world, in one device. One of the main features of the MPK series is the rubber-like heavy-duty pads, which are velocity and pressure sensitive, and will help your rhythm ideas become reality. The MPK series will accommodate your studio really well, with its high-quality pads and keys, regardless if you are starting out or a professional. Besides, you get a software bundle, which increases the value of the package as a whole.