Adam Studio Pro SP-5

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Pristine, reference-grade audio for professional monitoring applications. The Adam Audio Studio Pro SP-5 Headphones featuring a circumaural design with an ultra-wide frequency range.

The Adam Audio SP-5s capture every nuance of your source audio in immense detail. This makes them ideal for mixing and mastering applications. The SP-5s utilises a 40mm gold-plated diaphragm providing excellent transient response and low distortion.

They feature an impedance of 70 ohms, making them ideal for studio work and monitoring on the move. The S-Logic Plus ULE technology helps to improve stereo imaging and reduce ear fatigue for longer sessions. The lightweight design includes memory foam cushions, providing added comfort.

Adam’s First Ever Headphones
The Adam Audio Studio Pro SP-5 Headphones are Adam’s first step into the headphone world. For years, Adam Audio have set a precedent in the studio monitor world, providing some of the most revered monitors on the market. The SP-5s set a benchmark for Adam Audio, incorporating the high-end sound quality into a pair of studio headphones.

Crystal Clear Sound with Sonic Precision
The SP-5 Headphones feature a closed, circumaural design which results in high-level sound resolution and isolation. It also helps to eliminate room acoustics for a more precise sound. The ultra-wide and balanced frequency response provides unbiased sound reproduction across the entire spectrum. This makes the headphones ideal for mixing and mastering purposes, capturing every nuance of your source audio with incredible detail.

The headphones also include a medium impedance of 70 ohms, making it suitable for studio and live work alike. The result is an excellent transient response and low distortion, resulting in pristine resolution throughout the audio spectrum.

Ultrasone's S-LOGIC Plus Technology
Adam have collaborated with Ultrasone to utilise their patented S-LOGIC Plus technology. This custom technology provides an exceptional analysis of sound staging. Sound staging is paramount for mixing and mastering, ensuring you can hear your sounds clearly and in the right place. The excellent stereo reproduction makes it easy to make changes such as pan, Depth and Space with confidence. The balanced sound and lower levels reduce the fatigue on your ears, allowing for hours of trouble-free listening.

Compact, Foldable and Comfy Design
The compact and robust design is foldable, allowing you to store and transport your headphones with ease. The SP-5s also has isolating padding, providing added comfort for longer mixing and recording sessions. It also results in strong acoustic isolation, minimising distractions and outside noise.

The headphones come complete with a detachable cable and other replaceable components. The result is optimal reliability and durability, ensuring a long product life. Additionally, the product comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty with an optional free extension to 5 years when you register the product.

  • Ideal for professional monitoring applications such as mixing and mastering
  • Rugged, closed-back, foldable circumaural headphones with detachable cable
  • Exceptionally wide frequency range designed to capture every nuance of your source audio
  • S-LOGIC Plus ULE technology provides superior sound imaging, reducing ear fatigue
  • Comes complete with a rugged case with two cables
  • 70 ohms impedance is ideal for studio and mobile monitoring
  • Excellent transient response with low distortion
  • Reproduce sound with pristine resolution across the entire bandwidth

Product instruction

What's in the box?
  • Adam Studio Pro SP-5 High Precision Studio Headphones
  • Spiral cable 3m
  • Straight cable 1.2m
  • Design case
  • Manual
Headphones Design Type Over-ear
Type Closed
Frequency Range 8 - 38 000 Hz
Impedance 70 Ω
Sensitivity 95 dB @ 1 mW per ear
Headphones Foldable Yes
Weight 290 g